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Washing Fastness Tester

The Washing Fastness Tester is used for determining colour fastness of textile materials to washings. This is attained by mechanically agitating a specimen of textile in contact with pieces of specified adjacent fabrics in a soap soda solution. Before being rinsing and dried. The change in colour of specimen and stains of the adjacent fabrics are assessed with standard Grey Scale.

The "Innolab" Washing Fastness Tester consists of a thermostatically controlled, electrically heated water bath made of Stainless Steel. The bath is heated by means of immersion heaters and its temperature controlled by a capillary type thermostat. The temperature of water inside the bath is displayed on a digital temperature indicator. The bath has a double walled hinged lid made of stainless steel sheets.

The jars in which the test solution and the test specimens are kept during the test are made from stainless steel and are provided with rubber scales for water tight closing. They are held in a cast aluminium rotor assembly mounted on a stainless steel shaft at the center of the bath and rotating about a horizontal axis with the help of a geared Motor. A clockwork timer is provided to stop the motor after a pre-determined time. The apparatus is fabricated on a sturdy angle iron frame and is completely enclosed on all four sides with mild steel sheet duly enameled in metallic green paint. The top of the apparatus is covered with stainless steel sheet.

One hundred stainless steel balls of 6 mm diameter are supplied with the apparatus as standard accessory for providing beating action during the washing operation. Extra stainless steel balls and standard Grey Scales are available as optional accessory.

Technical Data of Washing Fastness Tester

Number of JarsEight
Volume of each Jar550 cc (Approx)
Distance of base jars from the axis of rotation50 mm
Speed of rotation40 to 45 rpm.
Temperature of Water BathAmbient of 980 C
Motor HP 230 V AC.

Related Standards :
IS 687 1979, 764 - 1979, 765 1979, 3417 179, 3417 179, Method of determination of Colour fastness of textile materials to washing : Test1, Test2, Test 3, Test 4 and Test 5 respectively.

Since our policy is of continuous development and improvement, all technical data / specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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