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Consumables - Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Delhi, India


  • Multi - Fibre Fabric - AATCC, ISO, JIS
  • Crocking Cloth - AATCC, ISO
  • Standard Single Fiber Adjacent Fabrics -ISO
  • Ready for Dyeing Fabrics - All fibers and blends
  • Soiled fabrics for evaluating the performance of Detergents and Washing Machines
  • Grayscales, Chromatic Transference Scale, Standard Depths
  • Blue Wool - AATTCC, ISO
  • Standard Detergents - AATCC, ECE, IEC
  • Commercial Detergents - Tide, Clorox 2, Persil etc.
  • Consumables for Abrasion Tester - Abradant Wool, PU Foam, Felt
  • Consumables for Pilling Testyers - PU Tubes, Cork Liners
  • Consumables for bursting Strength Tester - Foils
  • Calibration and Vertification of Instruments
  • Single sales point for all International Standards
  • Books, Journals and publications on Textiles

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