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Tensile Strength Tester

Tensile Strength and elongation are the two price characteristics of most of the raw materials. Whether they are metals or non-metals such as rubber leather textiles plastic paper or finished products such as rods wires ropes, yarns, belts etc. These two properties often play a major role in determining the suitability of any raw materials for any specified application. It is therefore, of utmost importance to determine these characteristics accurately, conveniently, and quickly.

Tensile Strength Testing Machine

Provide a relatively inexpensive way for determining the tensile strength and elongation of a variety of raw materials such as rubber, leather, and fabric plastics, belts wires etceteras. They are based on constant rate of traverse principle, in which one end of the test specimen is held in a stationery grip while the other end is moved at a known fixed speed with the help of a motor gear box and screw arrangement.

In electronic type tensile testers, the load exerted on the stationary grip is measured by a load call and is displayed on a digital indicator. The indicator has a peak force retention memory, which can be recalled to display the maximum load exerted on the test specimen before its failure. An overload protection relay is provided to automatically stop the motor if the load exerted goes above the maximum capacity of the load cell.

The movement of the lower grip is indicated on a digital indicator with pre-set arrangement to automatically stop the motor at any desired separation of grips.

Changing the belt on a set of V belt pulleys can change the speed of traverse of the lower grip. An arrangement of moving the lower grip manually is also provided.

The frame of the test is fabricated from heavy mild steel sections to give it the required rigidity and strength Various built in safety arrangements such as over load and over travel protection, and automatically stopping of the motor on failure of the test specimen are provided.

The tester is finished in shore blue metallic painting and bright chrome / zinc plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish. The tester is supplied complete with electrical which include micro-switches push buttons, and contactor for safe and convenient operation. A variety of grips suitable for holding different materials or for conducting different tests are available as optional accessories. Arrangement to plot load versus elongation graphs can be provided against specific requirements.

Technical Data of Tensile Strength Tester

Capacity of the Tester0200 x 0.02 Kg.

HP Single phase 230 Volts AC

Speed s of traverseas per required
Minimum grip separation25 mm
Maximum grip separation900mm
Load measurementWith the help of load cell and a digital display having arrangement to display the maximum load exerted during the test
Elongation measurementMeasured between grips on a digital display from 0 to 1000 x 1 mm.

Since our policy is of continuous development and improvement, all technical data / specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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